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Welcome to Bluebelle's Crafts! I'm Becca and I will be posting a ton of card making and scrapbooking project ideas using my Cricut Expression & Cricut Imagine!

Cricut Imagine Features

On this Page I will be posting different features that your Cricut Imagine has. I will also be positing tips and tricks to help get the most out of your Imagine machine.

Imagine Blade Settings: 

When I first got my Imagine I was having trouble with it cutting my paper. It would not cut all the way through or it would leave my edges rough and I would have to go around all the edges and smooth them.I was getting very frustrated. I continued to play around with my settings until I figured out what settings would work best. My Imagine now cuts my paper smoothly and does not leave rough edges anymore. These settings have worked for me on all different types of basic card stock. I thought I would share with you the settings that I use so that you will be able to get clean cuts as well.
      • Blade: 4
      • multi-cut: 1
      • Speed: 4
      • Pressure: 4
I hope that this helps you out. I will be posting many more tips and tricks as I learn more about my Imagine.

How to Use Your Cricut Imagine Video's Part 1&2

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